How To: Cook with various types of camp fires

Cook with various types of camp fires

There are some basic tips that you will need to know in order cook over various types of campfires. Hazel wood is a good wood to use, because it is a quick growing wood. Make a tripod with 3 wood posts and copper wiring. You will also need 2 hook sticks. Reserve them, when you are scavenging for wood for your fire and your tripod. These will be useful tools.

Cut notches in them, and wrap the copper around the notch. This will allow you to hang your hooks from the tripod. You will need a short one and a long one. The long one can be used to remove pots from the fire. You will be able to hang a fairly heavy pot from your tripod.

If you want to slow cook, you can cook in a dug out pit over burning embers.

Another method, requires the use of counterbalances. You will need several pieces of wood. One of them will need to be fairly long. You will need to anchor one end, in order to allow a pot to hang from the other end, over a fire.

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