How To: Set up a classic A-Frame tent

Set up a classic A-Frame tent

There are tons of quick pop up tents available nowadays, but the classic A-Frame tent still remains one of the most popular. A-Frames are those classic tents with the spikes in the ground that hold it up. They take a little more effort to erect but they are perfect for backpacking or short camping trips.
You Will Need:
* An a-frame tent
* A hammer or mallet
* Tent stakes
* Tent poles
* Guy ropes
* A tent fly

Step 1: Select a place for the tent
Locate a flat, open area that is away from stands of trees. Clear any rocks, sticks, and other sharp objects from the ground.

Step 2: Stake down the tent
Stake down the four corners of the tent. Pull the tent tight as you hammer in each stake at a 45-degree angle.

Step 3: Put up the tent poles
Assemble the tent's support poles and erect the tent. In traditional A-frame tents, separate poles are placed at the front and back of the tent.
In modified A-frame designs, two poles at each end of the tent form a triangle with the ground. The two poles support a central ridge pole that extends the length of the tent.

Step 4: Secure the guy ropes
Secure the tent's guy ropes to ground stakes. Make the guy ropes taut to support the tent.

Step 5: Attach a tent fly
Place a rainproof tent fly over the tent so that the corners line up with the ends of the tent. Secure the fly to the ground with stakes.

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