How To: Pan for gold outdoors

Pan for gold outdoors

In this Outdoor Recreation video tutorial you will learn how to pan for gold outdoors. This is a good excuse to play in the dirt for young kids or even for the whole family. Go to the woods, find a stream that is shallow and the current is not strong. Choose a spot that has roots, because the gold gets in the roots. Scoop up some mud in a deep pan and remove all big stones from it. Then put the pan underwater and stir it. Loosen the mud with your fingers and keep stirring the pan. Gold being heavy, this will make the gold to settle down at the bottom of the pan. Then you gently massage the dirt with water so that the dirt is washed off. Again loosen up the dirt and continue the process till most of the dirt is gone. Then look for black sand. This is a good indication that gold might be there. So, this is a good way of playing in dirt as well as panning for gold.

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