How To: Pan for gold using "backwash & tap" method

Pan for gold using "backwash & tap" method

The video shows how to pan for gold using the backwash and tap method. Take about a quarter cup of Georgia concentrate and add to a panning tray (looks like a shallow bowl with ridges). Add some water to cover and gently move the mixture around to wash off the lighter sand and dirt particles (gold is heavier and will sink to the bottom). Resettle the mixture at the bottom and start over, continuing to wash off the sand until you start to see specks of gold along the side. Keep resettling the mixture and washing off the sand and dirt until you are left with mostly gold. Turn the pan around so the gold specks are at the top and tip that side up about ten degrees and start tapping behind them to get the rest of the dirt off. Keep backwashing and tapping until you have removed all of the gold from the sand. You can suck up the gold with a small sniffer bottle.

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