How To: Start a fire without kindling

Start a fire without kindling

You don't need a stock pile of kindling to hold the flame and really get your fire started. There are a variety of creative yet effective substitutes. Leftover chips from lunch, an extra toilet paper roll, these are only a few ideas on how to start your next fire.

Fire is essential for survival. Start a roaring fire with one of these simple fire starters.

You Will Need

  * Potato chips
  * A lighter or match
  * Toilet paper
  * Dryer lint
  * Pine needles
  * Pine cones
  * Newspaper
  * Bark
  * Twigs
  * Leaves
  * Moss

Step 1: Use chips

Use your favorite potato chips as a fire starter. Light the chip with a lighter or a match and it will burn for approximately 3 minutes.

Step 2: Use lint

Pack a toilet paper roll with dryer lint. When you are ready for a fire, pile wood around it and light the center of the cardboard roll.

Step 3: Use pine needles

Use pine needles or pinecones to start a fire. Pine cones are quick to catch fire and give off a great aroma.

Step 4: Use newspaper

Roll five newspapers into a tight tube, tie the tube into a knot, and light the knot on fire. The tight paper will burn slowly, allowing more time for your wood to catch fire.

Tying the paper into a knot will prevent the layers from moving around when lit.

Step 5: Save dry bark

Save and dry small pieces of tree bark. Bark catches fire quickly and will maintain embers for a long time.

Step 6: Use dry debris

Use dry debris from your yard, such as twigs, leaves, and moss to start a fire.

Step 7: Enjoy

Enjoy a night under the stars next to the warmth of a fire.

In 2008, fire killed more Americans than all natural disasters combined.

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