How To: Put up a camping tarp

Put up a camping tarp

Learn how to put up a tarp for shade and protection from the rain in this video. First, find two trees with a nice flat spot in between them. Throw a rope up over a limb at least fifteen feet or so high. Now, tie the rope off to itself or to a smaller limb. Next, secure the rope on the other tree and leave the slack on the ground. Next, put the tarp over the rope evenly and anchor one end with a wire tie, small rope or bungee. Now you hoist the tarp up using one end of the rope and pull it to your desired height. Wrap the end of the rope around the tree two or three times and tie it off. Next, take some small twine and tie it to the corners of the tarp. Now, use poles in the eyelets and the twine to stake down the tarp. This entire process should take you about thirty minutes. Time to camp!

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