How To: Make an ultra-light alcohol stove

Make an ultra-light alcohol stove

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Great video. Your stove is similar the others being made/sold & they work really well. I made one myself, with a few modifications.

Instead of smearing your JB Weld on the outside top edge, yOu might try putting 1/4" wide (no wider) bead along the inside edge of your inverted cap. Then, when you pound it in, the cap will flare the edge and the JB will permanently seal it in position. (If you put the glue on the inside of the base rather than the cap, the JB may drip inside and fill the jet holes). JB will ooze out the top edge, but it is easly wipped off before it sets.

My stove is 2 3/8" high. I use 20 jets, 1/2' from the top edge, w/ #57 drill bit. Once the JB dries, you can smooth the top off with a file & sandpaper- for a really clean and smooth fit.

I like to use a thinner fiberglass wick, and wrap it 5-7 times, but it works the same as your thicker variety. 3 oz of fuel (it actually holds more) will burn 17.7 mins and boil 2 cups of water in 4.8 mins.

Note: A regular power miter-chop saw will work equally as well as your large pipe cutter. Aluminum is softer than my carbide blade so it won't dull.

These are great alcohol stoves. Your video inspired me to make mine. It will be hard to go back to a regular open-top soda can stove. Thanks

Walnut Creek CA

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