How To: Make a survival cache for outdoor adventures

Make a survival cache for outdoor adventures

This survival cache is made for adventurers who, if lost, may stumble upon this handy little tube and immediately get some food and knowledge of their geographic location.

Filled with Nutrigrain bars, Cocoa mix, a BB gun with pellets, and other fun little essentials, this survival cache is also a great way to lure your kid to the outdoors.

MATERIALS • Pre-Cut ABS Pipe 4 x 24 • 4-inch ABS Knock Out Inspection Cap • 4-inch Test Plug • Small Tube Silicone Caulk • ABS Glue (silicone works great though) • 36 x 8-inch roll vacuum bag material • Vacuum / Heat Seal Machine - or Clothes Iron Download the PDF file by clicking on the link below: ALOKSAK® ELEMENT-PROOF BAGS

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