How To: Make fire-starters out of dryer lint

Make fire-starters out of dryer lint

The warmth of a fire is great while camping or on a cold winter's night but it can be difficult to get those log roaring. Use materials you have at home to create some easy, fool-proof fire starters that you can use the next time you need to get some logs burning.

Save that stack of newspaper and can of lighter fluid – make fire-starters with a few household items.

You Will Need

* A toilet paper roll
* Tape
* Dryer lint
* Firewood
* Matches
* Paraffin wax
* A cardboard egg carton
* A container for lint (optional)

Children should not play with fire. Fires should only be made under adult supervision. Melted paraffin wax is dangerous can cause severe burns.

Step 1: Secure

Close one end of the cardboard toilet paper roll with tape, pack it full of dryer lint, and tape the other end.

Step 2: Arrange firewood

Arrange your firewood around the tube, light the middle of the tube, and watch your fire get started.

Keep a container by your dryer to save dryer lint.

Step 3: Stuff lint into egg carton

Alternatively, stuff dryer lint into each compartment of an empty egg carton.

Step 4: Cover with wax

Pour melted paraffin wax into each cup until they are half-full. Then break off one or two sections, arrange your firewood around them, light them, and enjoy your fire.

Stephen King's novel, Firestarter, won the American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults award in 1981.

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